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Vol. 1, No 1: Winter 2011

Photo Essay: Adams Underground
Sometimes, the tunnels DO speak.

Life in an Empty House
Harvard's new academic calendar brings a whole different meaning to January.
Lauren Kiel '11

Restoring FDR's Harvard - One Pixel at a Time
A behind-the-scenes look at how digital technology helps to recreate the world of 1904.
Michael Weishan '86

The View from Apthorp
How our Masters see it.
Judy and Sean Palfrey

Stranger Than Fiction: Five Adams House Novels
You never know what's going to turn up at Adams, especially when reading the works of these five authors.
Sean M. Lynn-Jones

Vol. 1, No 2: Spring 2011

Photo Essay: Apthorp Turns 250!

Galaxy Gazer
Only once in Adams House history has a student gone from resident to Master. Some recollections from from William Liller,'48 on his undergraduate days, the swingin' 60s, & how he survived the Harvard riots to live to chart the stars.
William Liller '48, Adams House Master , 1969-73

Tales of an Old House
British officers imprisoned... Monkeys swinging from the chandeliers ... Students running wild to the crazed beat of ragtime...! You'll be surprised to learn what's occurred within the now sedate walls of Apthorp House.
Sean Lynn-Jones

Alumni Profile: Ambassador John Gunther Dean '47
In this, the first of our video series The New Fireside Chats, Michael Weishan '86 sits down with John Gunther Dean to discuss a remarkable four-decade career in the Diplomatic Corps, and why telling the truth in Washington doesn't always bear the best reward.

Letter from Cambridge
Parting Company
Michael Weishan '86

The View from Apthorp
Summer Vacation
Judy and Sean Palfrey

Selected Letters from our Readers
We may have just launched, but boy, we've heard from a lot of you already. A small selection...

Vol. 2, No 1: Autumn 2011

Photo Essay: A Video Tour of the FDR Suite
The next best thing to being there

State of DisUnion
The rise and demise of Harvard's first social experiment, the Union
Michael Weishan '86

Adams, The Irrelevant
Antone Martinho '13

A House Remembered
The first installment of a two-part history by former House Master Bob Kiely
Bob Kiely, Adams House Master 1973-1999

Letter from Cambridge
Michael Weishan '86

Selected Letters from Our Readers

The Deep End: Tales from the Pool
A (dare we say it?) bare-all history of the late lamented Adams House Swimming Pool
Sean M. Lynn-Jones

Vol. 2, No 2: Spring 2012

Six Buildings that Shaped Harvard History
Professors hanged in effigy; the Rebellion Elm; the Yard as armed camp; Victorian dreams of monumental splendor, social experiments tried and failed; presidents, Porcellians and "paths coincident" of iceberg and ocean liner . . .all of these are part of nearly four centuries of architecture at Harvard. Based on a popular Harvard Alumni Association walking tour given by PBS host and author Michael Weishan '86, this film explores how six very special buildings at Harvard not only changed the course of University events, but helped to shape the world we live in today.

Alumni Profile: John Jay Hughes '48
In this the third of the New Fireside Chats, Father John Jay Hughes, '48 author of No Ordinary Fool, discusses spirituality, dogma, and his 60-year quest for faith. Ordained an Anglican minister, Father Hughes explains why he converted to Catholicism (at great personal cost – his father, also an Anglican minister, never spoke to him again) and narrates, with trademark wit and humor, the trials and rewards of a lifetime spent in the service of God.

Spitting Image: The Case of Adams' Missing Copley
The Gardner Museum isn't the only one with missing art: was Adams once home to its very own John Singleton Copley?
Sean M. Lynn-Jones

The View from Apthorp
Down Down-Under
Judy and Sean Palfrey

Letter from Cambridge
Michael Weishan '86

Selected Letters from Our Readers
Our cup runneth over this issue!

Vol. 3, No 1: Autumn 2012

A House Remembered, Part II
In the continuation of his Adams memoirs, former Master Bob Kiely looks back on the second half of his two-plus decades at the helm of Adams.
Robert Kiely

How Harvard Invented Modern Football
Yes, we Harvardians love to take credit for almost everything, but in this case it's deserved, at least, serendipitously.

A Tutor's Tale: When House is Home
Ever wonder what being a tutor at Adams would be like? Our own normally staid Sean M. Lynn-Jones reveals the madness behind the mask.

The View from Apthorp
Judy and Sean Palfrey

The Homogenization of Harvard
Antone Martinho '13

Letter from Cambridge
The Ultimate Final Club
Michael Weishan '86

Selected Letters from Our Readers

Vol. 4, No 1: Autumn 2013

Adams Going Global
This seven-minute video profiles the remarkable odyssey of our first two Franklin Delano Roosevelt Global Fellows – and forms a very far from average "what I did over my summer vacation" tale.

Student Profile: Santiago Pardo '16

Jesus Falls a Second Time
An original short story
Christopher Alessandrini '15

The View from Apthorp
Brave New World
Judy and Sean Palfrey

Letter from Cambridge
Michael Weishan '86

Seamus at Adams
Former master Bob Kiely recalls the ever talented and much beloved Nobel Laureate, Adams' own Seamus Heaney, who died this past September.
Bob Kiely

Franklin D. Roosevelt: Republican
The surprising political beginnings of our own president-resident.
Michael Weishan '86

Vol. 5, No 1: Autumn 2014

Achieving Global Health Equity in a Generation: A Roadmap Forward with Larry Summers and Julio Frenk
This past October 14th, the Foundation's new Center for Global Engagements sponsored their first talk: Treasury Secretary and Harvard President Emeritus Larry Summers joined Dean of the Harvard School of Public Health Julio Frenk to discuss a new approach to equalizing medical access throughout the world. Here's the video.

Here's A Health to King Charles
Echoes of our Harvard Past.

The View from Apthorp: Global Citizenship and the Environment
Judy and Sean Palfrey

Letter from Cambridge: Sending the Elevator Back Down
Michael Weishan '86

Sophomore Profile: Tez Clark '17
Each fall we sit down with one of our most intriguing new Adamsians for a sense of undergraduate life today.

Alumni Profile: Doug Carver, '59
An ex-Marine rediscovers a forgotten corner of Harvard's military past.

The Roosevelts At Harvard
Acclaimed historian and writer for Ken Burn's PBS hit joined us last May for the 6th Annual Memorial Lecture. Here's his talk.
Geoffrey C. Ward

Vol. 6, No 1: Spring 2016

Alumni Profile: Jed Willard '96
The Director of the Foundation's Center for Global Engagement sets out to change the world.

Here, There and Back Again: A Tale of a Sign
Before there was Adams House, there was THE Adams House
Michael Weishan '86

Adams Lore
Former Master Bob Kiely and Maria Kiely '99 launch a new site to explore the creative side of Adams House

What the Titanic Can Teach us About Surviving Climate Change
This past fall Adams hosted a unique multi-disciplinary conference to look Beyond Tomorrow. This is one of the first work-products of that effort.
Michael Weishan '86

The View from Apthorp: Changing Times
Find out more...
Judy and Sean Palfrey

Letter From Cambridge: Backwards Forwards
Progress reports on the historic room database, the football flag project, The FDR Global Fellowships, and a totally new look for the Gold Coaster.
Michael Weishan '86

Vol. 7, No 1: Spring 2018

Things to Come: A Renewal Photo Album

Adams House Renewal: A Primer
Michael Weishan

Gold Coasting
Michael Weishan

Letter from Cambridge: Changing of the Guard
Michael Weishan

The Class of '92 Returns to Adams and Learns Five New Golden Rules
On May 27, 2017, members of the Adams House class of ‘92 returned to celebrate their twenty-fifth reunion.
Sean M. Lynn-Jones