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We’ve just launched our new web site! We hope it will be a place you return to frequently to check into the latest news related to FDR and the FDR Foundation.

We welcome your suggestions and comments as we continue to improve our site. Please let us know what you think. Is there something missing or something you can’t find? Something we could do better? Have we inadvertently left a ‘bug’ lurking somewhere that disturbs your visit to our site? Your feedback is important to us. You can leave a comment below, or contact us directly by sending an email to:  tech (dot) support (at) fdrfoundation.org

We will continue to restore previous articles and content from years past, until the last piece of information is once again available, so don’t fret about that photo of “John the Orange Man” or the early accounts of restoring the FDR Suite to its present glory – they haven’t gone away forever, just for a very short while!

This web site is the first part of a technology make-over that we are undertaking at the FDR Foundation to help us serve all of you better. If you’d like to contribute to our efforts here, please visit our “Donate” page.

Thank you, and happy surfing!

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