Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel

  • Want to know how the U.S.A. looks from Germany these days?
  • Curious about Social Democracy?
  • Concerned at the (re-)rise of the far right in Germany?

Well then plan to come to the FDR Suite (Adams B-17) on Monday, October 29, 7-8pm, to meet with Sigmar Hartmut Gabriel, Germany’s Minister for Foreign Affairs 2017-2018, Vice-Chancellor 2013-2018, and leader of the Social Democratic Party 2009-2017.

Fireside Chat with H.E. Sigmar Gabriel on Germany and the Future of EU-US Relations
Member of the German Bundestag and Vice Chancellor (2013-2018)
John F. Kennedy Memorial Policy Fellow, Center for European Studies, Harvard University
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October 29, 7-8pm
Twitter: @sigmargabriel and #EuropeAtHarvard
CES Bio/Announcement:
Mr. Gabriel brings a wealth of experience at the local, federal and international level. After serving as Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (2005-2009), he assumed several leading posts, including as Germany’s Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy (2013-2017), Minister for Foreign Affairs (2017-2018) and Vice-Chancellor of Germany (2013-2018).


What Would Eleanor Do? ‘If You Ask Me’ Revisits Roosevelt’s Advice Columns

“Advice columnist” is not a role that is usually listed under Eleanor Roosevelt’s long list of achievements, but for over 20 years she wrote a popular write-in column, first for Ladies Home Journal and then McCall’s magazine.

Roosevelt wasn’t especially witty or psychologically acute in the role; unlike many of today’s inspirational “life coaches,” Roosevelt didn’t invite her readers to accompany her on extended journeys of introspection.

Indeed, when a questioner wrote in 1944 asking what the president said to her when he proposed, Roosevelt firmly drew the curtains over that intimate subject by replying,

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Skilled artisans produced early American furniture at Val-Kill Industries in Hyde Park

Every year, thousands of visitors tour the Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site in Hyde Park, the home of the former United States first lady. Two decades prior to its conversion into a residence the building served as the factory for Val-Kill Industries, a furniture manufacturing business opened by Roosevelt and three partners.

Future U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt purchased property that would eventually become Val-Kill in 1911. The family initially used the site for picnics and a respite from the constant activity at their Springwood estate.

It was at one of the picnics that the concept of creating small industries to benefit local farmers during winter months and economic downturns was discussed.

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Why Eleanor Roosevelt’s civics book for kids is making a comeback

“When You Grow Up to Vote” (Roaring Brook Press), written by Eleanor Roosevelt and reissued with writer Michelle Markel and illustrator Grace Lin.


In 1932, Eleanor Roosevelt’s husband Franklin had just been elected president. In the throes of raising five children, Eleanor thought they should know “what their parents were up to” and “how it all worked,” according to her granddaughter Nancy Ireland.

“When You Grow Up to Vote: How Our Government Works for You,” a civics book Eleanor wrote for young children that year, only came across Ireland’s desk a year ago, even though she has spent three decades in charge of her grandmother’s literary estate. “I was never given a copy of it by my parents, which amuses me,” she told PBS NewsHour about the book’s new reissue this month.

The book, with revised text by Michelle Markel and illustrations by Grace Lin, explains to readers age 6-12 (and beyond) that we all have a stake in how our democracy is governed.

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Globalism Helped Make America Great


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