From Antartica to Rikers Island: A Fireside Chat with Jasmine Brown 02/27

From Antartica to Rikers Island: A fireside chat on climate change, prison reform, and police misconduct

About the Chat: The term “fake news” is one that is being used more and more around the world to discredit legitimate media. Come hear Jasmine Brown discuss her experience as a news producer for ABC News’ “Nightline.” On topics such as climate change and police misconduct the Jasmine and her team are focused on providing Americans with an accurate picture of what is happening in our country. Come learn about the people behind our news and the challenges and rewards that accompany a career in media.
About the Speaker: Jasmine Brown is a producer for ABC News’ “Nightline” in New York City. She has reported from some of the most remote places on the planet, producing stories ranging from the effects of climate change in Antarctica and the Marshall Islands to reforms inside Rikers Island. She covered the police shooting of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge in 2016 and the 2017 Las Vegas massacre. Before joining “Nightline,” Brown worked at “20/20,” where she contributed to the network’s Peabody Award-winning coverage of Hurricane Sandy. In 2016, she was awarded the Edward R. Murrow Award for a news series for “ABC News Nightline: Face-to-Face.”

She is studying the role of implicit bias in instances of police misconduct and the ways in which news coverage, cell phone videos and police body cameras illuminate how routine encounters can turn deadly.

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