Inextricably Bound: Prostitution and Sex Trafficking 11/30

Wherever there is prostitution, whether legal or illegal, sex trafficking exists.

The United States fights trafficking through the criminalization of all aspects of prostitution. Germany legalized prostitution in 2002, treating prostitution as any other occupation. Yet trafficking of all ages abounds.

Both approaches have failed miserably.

An alternative system seeing some success is the Nordic model, first instituted in Sweden. This makes it legal to sell one’s self for sex, but illegal to be the buyer or “John,” or to facilitate the prostitution of another.


The internet, which enables sex-for-pay delivery to the buyer, has revolutionized trafficking., the major offender and a multi-million dollar business, is in the news for the recent arrest of their CEO.  This promises to be a long legal battle, with First Amendment issues being raised.

Limited to 9, with preference given to undergraduates. On the record.


The Problem