Special Operations: More than a Television Show 11/18

About the Talk:

At the beginning of his presidency Franklin Delano Roosevelt stated that “The definite policy of the United States from now on is one opposed to armed intervention.” By the end of his third term the US was fully involved in World War II. While many factors, including the rise of the Nazi party and an attack on US soil, attributed to this shift, it shows the range of policies and situations with which US leaders must interact. Since WWII the US has created and utilized a wide range of elite organizations to accomplish missions, both in and out of combat. This chat will provide a general overview of the Special Operations community and personal lessons learned from an Army Special Forces leader.

About the Speaker:

Lieutenant Colonel Kevin M. Trujillo is an Army Special Forces officer who recently served as the Deputy Commander – Operations, 75th Ranger Regiment and rotated with the Regimental Commander to serve as the commander of a Joint Task Force in Afghanistan.  Previously, Kevin commanded 2nd Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group and deployed twice to serve as the Commander, Special Operations Task Force – Afghanistan in support of Operation Freedom Sentinel / Resolute Support.  Additionally, he has worked as a Strategist and Strategic Planner at the US Special Operations Command and the Joint Special Operations Command.  He has deployed numerous times to Afghanistan and Iraq serving as a Special Forces Operational Detachment – Alpha Commander, Special Forces Company Commander, Special Forces Battalion Commander and Future Operations Planner with the Special Operations Joint Task Force – Afghanistan.  Kevin holds a bachelor’s degree in international studies from the Virginia Military Institute and a master’s degree in defense analysis from the Naval Postgraduate School.  His research interests include defense readiness, national security and special operations in South and Central Asian states.  

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