Activities of the FDR Foundation @ Adams House

Our 2016 3-day conference Beyond Tomorrow looked at how arts and culture could form a common bond to serve as a bulwark against destructive populism.

Fireside Chats—a popular series of intimate evening  gatherings in the Suite. Students get to spend an intimate hour with world-renowned specialists, talking policy, politics, history, the environment, business, career opportunities, practically the whole gamut of life experience.

Annual lectures and special conferences—an ongoing series of programs where students and alumni get a chance to better understand our future by critically examining our past.

The Gold Coaster – a re-invention for the digital age of this classic newsletter that keeps our Adams community knit-together and informed as the House moves into the 21st century.

Roosevelt Scholars—a year-long program of intensive study and invaluable life experience being developed in close cooperation with the Dean of Harvard College and his associates.  We look forward to launching it in 2020 and when we do, it will provide a life-altering opportunity for a select group of freshmen from across the College.