The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Suite and Historical Collections

The Songs FDR Knew

In May, 2009 the FDR Suite Foundation had an amazing opportunity to record some of the favorite melodies from FDR’s time at Harvard, thanks to the good offices of our friends at[external link], who sifted through their immense collection of sheet music to find period tunes. Kudos, too, to our pianist/arranger, former Adams House music tutor David Trippett who generously worked to make these recordings.

Though not particularly remembered for his love of music, FDR the student was no stranger to popular songs of the day. He, along with his roomate Lathrop Brown, were both members of the Freshman Glee Club, and together leased an upright piano for their Harvard digs, which is now a centerpiece of their restored Suite.

To enjoy a bit of Harvard, circa 1900, choose a song and click the “play” arrow below the sheet music cover:


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