Attendance By Proxy – In the Spirit of FDR

Yesterday I received the nicest note from one of our supporters. She’s had some health issues this year, and didn’t feel up to making the trip to Cambridge. Instead, she sent us a check for two tickets, asking that we give them to someone who might not otherwise be able to attend.

This got me to thinking: there are a number of wonderful people we know – older alums, current undergraduates, volunteers – who’ve had a rough time this past year, or quite simply, can’t afford a $175 ticket, even for a worthy cause. And while we at the Foundation can help to some extent, we’re limited in what we can do by the high costs involved in holding an event like this: give away too many free tickets, and we actually lose money, which defeats our whole purpose. So…

My generous fellow supporters and fellow alumni, if you can’t join us for the dinner on the 27th, won’t you think of contributing the cost of one ticket to share some of the wonderful enjoyment we’re so privileged to partake of?  The lucky recipients will benefit,  the Project will benefit, and no doubt, you’ll benefit too.

And, I’m pretty sure FDR would approve.