Saving Global Democracy ≠ Easy

Professor Paul Poast of the University of Chicago will lead an intimate fireside chat regarding the challenges faced by democracies and the liberal international order today – and the surprising opportunities for “middle powers” to step up and save the world.

“The current U.S. administration, to put it mildly, is not a big fan of NATO. The same goes for international institutions more generally. President Trump has made clear his disdain for the WTO, the UNHRC, the Paris accord, the TPP, the Iran nuclear deal, etc…. ‘The fact that dominant powers like the United States and Britain seem to be retreating from major international bodies could open a door for other countries to step in … and find other productive forms of cooperation.’”

FDR Suite (B-17), Adams House. Limited to 12, undergraduates given preference. RSVP required.

Read about Paul’s new book, Organizing Democracy: How International Institutions Assist New Democracies, in the Washington Post’s “Monkey Cage.”

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