The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Suite and Historical Collections

Arrange a Private Tour of the FDR Suite

As the FDR Suite is located in a functioning College dormitory, security concerns prohibit opening the Suite to the general public. Private half-hour tours of the FDR Suite may be arranged with a minimum of two weeks advance notice for Harvard students, affiliates and alums. Qualified parties from outside the university may also be considered on a rare case by case basis. Groups are limited to twelve, and all tours are subject to the permission of the House Faculty Deans. The fee for private tours of 5 or less is $250; 5-10 $450; 10-15 $750; 25 or more, $1500, 75 or more, $2500. Tour fees go to support the student programming of the Foundation.

Specially ticketed alumni group tours at reunion time are also available, subject to available time slots. The donation for class tours varies: 5,10,15 year reunions, $500; for years beyond 15, $1000.

Please email michael dot weishan at fdrfoundation dot org to request a tour.

The Suite is also open for free to members of the Harvard Community for ticketed, timed group tours at various times during the year.

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