Time to Toast our President-Resident, This Saturday November 10th!

Just when I thought there was no more Harvard Class of 1904 memorabilia to be found anywhere, one of our supporters discovered this remarkable tankard on E-Bay and donated it to the Foundation, where it will join our fireplace collection. The original owner was one E.C.Kerans, a classmate of FDR. The tankard however is a bit of a mystery. The top of pewter cup carries a large copper DELTA with an almost illegible inscription DIKAI ****THEKE – which doesn’t exactly ring a bell… It’s obviously a club or organization motto; we’ll just have to track it down.

But while we ponder this little mystery, I want to remind you that the FIFTH Annual FDR Memorial Lecture and Dinner is this coming Saturday. There are only 10 dinner tickets left, and we would love to sell them out, so please consider joining us for a fun and informative evening. If you’re unable to attend, we would happily accept your donation of the ticket price to help us cover the event cost by sponsoring one of the twenty-five free student places we’ve set aside. Both can be done online, HERE.

Cheers, everyone!

5 comments on “Time to Toast our President-Resident, This Saturday November 10th!

  1. walter rowland on

    The Final Clubs at Harvard orginally had Greek names. For example, the Fox Club that I belonged to was “Digamma’ in the 19th Century. When the Harvard final clubs decided to disassociate from National Greek letter organizations at other colleges in the early 20th Centurt, they all adopted animal names like Fly, Fox, Owl,Porcellian. Suggest you contact each existing Final club and see if history of “Delta” can be found. Walter Rowland ’61

  2. Renny Little on

    I suggest you look into Delta Upsilon’s motto “Dikaia Upotheke” (dikaia upotheke – Justice Our Foundation.

    Was Edward Clement Kerans (listed at ’03 c.l. in the “Quinquennial Catalogue of Harvard University” ) a member of D.U.?

  3. claire in paris on

    Glad you did not ask Renny first, Michael, otherwise we would not have had this fascinating blog entry & its sleuthlike responses!

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