FDR Suite Video Tour

I put together this short tour from several hours of footage we shot this week while testing the cameras and lighting for the New Fireside Chats. There’s many a photographic gaffe here as we are still learning how to use this new equipment (not to mention how to hold these new ultra-sensitive cameras steady) but despite our first efforts, I think this still gives you a much better idea of what things look like now than mere photos, so I thought you might enjoy a private, members-only sneak peek.

PS: As of today we have raised 2K of the $50,000 goal in our 2011 capital campaign. Remember, we receive no direct support from the College, and all this progress flows entirely from your contributions.

FDR Suite Video Tour from FDR Suite Foundation, Inc on Vimeo.

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4 comments on “FDR Suite Video Tour

  1. Judy on

    The only slightly jarring note for me was the bare picture wire – would this not have been covered? Fantastic rooms!

    • Michael Weishan on

      Actually, exposed wire was the practice of the day, of just this width and gauge. I agree it looks very unusual to modern eyes, but it’s attested in almost every photograph we have of the period. If I were to hazard a guess, the practice originated earlier in the century when wallpaper was extremely expensive. As prices dropped, so did the willingness to pierce it with nails.

      Best, M

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