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Vol. 6, No 1: Spring 2016



Michael Weishan '86

Senior Editor
Claire Mays '81

Contributing Editor
Sean Lynn-Jones
Resident Tutor '84-'92

Associate Editor
Christopher Alessandrini '15

The Goldcoaster is a publication of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Foundation., a public 501(c)3 charity created to preserve and restore the character of Harvard's most historic House, Adams. In addition to funding the restoration of the FDR Suite in Westmorly Hall and maintaining the Suite's collections, the Foundation runs the FDR Center for Global Engagement, The Creative Citizenship Project, and the Global Citizenship Program.

The Foundation is an all volunteer organization, staffed by Adams alumni and by members of the extended Adams community.

We receive no support from the College and are funded entirely through private and corporate contributions. Care to help out? Just click the SUPPORT US button above.

Your contributions to the Foundation are fully deductible in the United States to the extent allowed by law.  

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Foundation , Inc
Adams House, Harvard College 26 Plympton Street Box 471
Cambridge, MA 02138


"He who restores, preserves."

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In this Issue:

Letter from Cambridge: Backward Forward
Progress reports on the historic room database, the football flag project, The FDR Global Fellowships, and a totally new look for the Gold Coaster
Michael Weishan '86


The View from Apthorp: Changing Times
Judy and Sean Palfrey


What the Titanic Can Teach us About Surviving Climate Change
This past fall Adams hosted a unique multi-disciplinary conference to look Beyond Tomorrow. This is one of the first work-products of that effort.
Michael Weishan '86


Adams Lore
Former Master Bob Kiely and Maria Kiely '99 launch a new site to explore the creative side of Adams House


Here, There and Back Again: A Tale of A Sign
Before there was Adams House, there was THE Adams House


Alumni Profile: Jed Willard '96
The Director of the Foundation's Center for Global Engagement sets out to change the world.




Featured Stories from Past Issues

The Deep end: Tales from the Pool
A (dare we say it?) bare-all history of the late lamented Adams House Swimming Pool
Sean M. Lynn-Jones


Stranger Than Fiction: Five Adams House Novels

You never know what's going to turn up at Adams, especially when reading the works of these five authors.
Sean Lynn-Jones


Franklin D. Roosevelt: Republican

Michael Weishan '86
The surprising political beginnings of our own president-resident.




The Roosevelts At Harvard

Geoffrey Ward
Acclaimed historian and writer for Ken Burn's smash PBS hit joined us last May for the Sixth Annual Memorial Lecture. Here's the illustrated text of his engaging talk.


Seamus at Adams
Robert Kiely
Former master Bob Kiely recalls the ever talented and much beloved Nobel Laureate, Adams' own Seamus Heaney, who died this past September.