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This window treatment for a "portiere" or French door, is very similar to what's intended for the study.

This window treatment for a "portiere" or French door from Paine's 1898 catalogue, is very similar to what's intended for the study.

“They write me from Jordan and Marsh that the curtains are to be put up in your rooms today, so I hope you will be in order by tomorrow.” Sara to FDR October 6, 1900

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We’re entering the home stretch of the renovation, and we need your help. Our immediate goal is to raise 6K for the room textiles: draperies, door swags, mantel cover, etc. We know they were there, because we have both written evidence from Sara, and physical evidence in Suite itself: we can see the attachment holes! Victorian rooms aren’t complete without fabric, and this is a remarkable opportunity to recreate a real bit of history, as we actually have, thanks to the Baker Business Library Collections, a period Paine’s catalogue (the supplier of  some of FDR’s furniture) to base our designs from.

For all of you who have not contributed (and that’s about 90% of you reading this post, ahem) please consider supporting us. For those of you who already have, October is the time to renew your annual memberships. Won’t you consider an additional donation to help us meet this important milestone? I will keep you posted on progress.

BTW: our adopt an antique program still has many homeless children!

Contributions may be sent to:

The FDR Suite Foundation, Inc.
Adams House, 29 Plympton Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

The FDR Suite Restoration Project at Adams House, Harvard College is funded entirely through your contributions to the FDR Suite Foundation Inc, a public 501(c)3 charity set up to create the only living memorial to FDR at Harvard, as well as a museum of 19th century Harvard student life. We do not receive funds from the University to support this endeavor, and we need your help!

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    • Michael Weishan on


      I’ve emailed you directly, but if you haven’t received my reply, our address is

      FDR Suite Foundation, Inc
      26 Plympton Street
      Cambridge MA 02138

  1. rebecca anderson on

    Michael–I think I already emailed you but I can’t find my post and I am not sure if you would reply by email. My roommate and I are trying to figure out if these are the rooms we lived in. We were on the first floor, first suite on the left inside B. Please let me know where the FDR rooms are layout wise. Best: Rebecca

    • Michael Weishan on

      Dear C,

      Just FYI to our readers: many people comment here, and then email me directly. Others, just comment here. Normally, I catch all these questions, but if I don’t, feel free to email me directly at michaelweishan at fdrsuite dot org.

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