New Views

A very quick post here to show you two major developments. The desk and draperies have arrived!

As have some of the textiles, like the mantle-piece cover:

I’ll be taking some more photos of the spectacular draperies soon – they are proving very hard to photograph against the windows without specially lighting the room for photography, but we’ll see what we can do. Notice too the new 1904 Harvard banner, a duplicate of one we saw in the Harvard Archives records, as well as the menus and other pieces of ephemera we acquired from EBay, now mounted above FDR’s desk.

Thanks again to the family of Richard Mayer’ 56 and an anonymous donor for the desk restoration.

As for the draperies, we’ve still a ways to go paying for those! Ahem! Ahem! to those of you who need to renew your membership! 🙂

5 comments on “New Views

  1. Renny Little on

    I enjoyed my visit with the HAA last Friday.

    Re: lettersweater in Lathrop Brown’s bedroom over the deer antlers.

    The sweater is now the universal lettersweater for Harvard letterwinners in the 41 Varsity sports.

    It used to be the hockey sweater. Hockey received varsity status in 1914. It is first pictured on members of the 1916 team.

    1904, hockey letterwinners wore a black turtleneck sweater with an embroidered H with an “H” in the top
    quadrant and a “T” in the lower one.

    Lathrop is listed as winning his football letter in 1903, although he does not appear to have played in the Yale game in’03 or appear in the picture of the 1903 team (perhaps unidentified).

    The football lettersweater was black with a crimson H.

    Perhaps you could “doctor” the sweater you have by removing the white piping..

    Warren M. LIttle,’55 Curator (pro bono)
    Lee Family Hall of Athletic History
    Murr Center

  2. Michael Weishan on

    Dear Bob,

    Not sure, but I’m thinking you must have been around the corner or up a floor… Hard to tell. All the rooms on the south side of Westmorly, like the FDR Suite, look onto Bow/Mt. Auburn.

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